Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA) has been serving the local community for over 18 years. We observe that the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong have the same need for emergency support and care service. In this connection, we started a pilot program to extend our services to ethnic minority community. For elders and those in need of our service but with financial difficulties, we provide free 24-hour emergency support and caring services to the vulnerable seniors for life-time use.

All Ethnic Minorities Groups in Hong Kong are welcome (Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, Filipinos, Indonesians etc...)


SCHSA offers 24-hour emergency support and caring services to the elderly and others in need through our Personal Emergency Link (PEL) Service. By simply pressing a remote control button, the users are connected to our 24-hour operating Call and Care Centre directly and given assistance they need, including

• Emergency support service

Calling the police, ambulance center and emergency contact person upon service users' requests and needs. In case of hospitalization, electronic patient records of the service user would be facsimiled to A&E department in order to speed up the rescue procedure.

  • Health consultation service Providing health consultation services by registered nurses.
  • Emotional counseling service Providing short-term emotional counseling and support provided by registered social workers.
  • Caring and appointment reminder service Making appointments and providing escort service to out-patient clinics.
  • Community service / information and referral service Referrals to various community resources, such as home improvement, healthcare, etc., and improving senior citizens’ social lives and community participation.
  SCHSA is notable for providing one-button press emergency support for elderly people. We currently have three mainstream products, PEL, Mobile Link and Safety Phone suiting people with different needs.
  Home Visits

We believe that non-Chinese speaking users also need care and support as other Hong Kong local citizens do. Therefore, we have arranged various home visits for them by the ethnic minority colleagues, to see how they are doing. The feedback is very positive. They really feel great and honored, and appreciated our effort on this new scheme.

Talks and Outreach Visits

In order to let ethnic minorities benefit from our service, we held and conducted numerous of talks and outreach visits in different organizations, community centres to introduce our safety services and spread the awareness through their social networking. They were extremely helpful and they think our service is quite useful and promised us to help in spreading our message.

  You may simply dial 2952-1770 during office hours or email us at,
or visit the related community centres, organizations, etc. please click here for more information.
  As we are currently expanding our service to Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong, we have vacancies on Call & Care Centre to handle calls. Hence, we definitely welcome people from every ethnic group to join us.


Special thanks to Mr. Jerry Leung, Chairman of Alain Yip Photography Alumni.